The Night Gift #40 : SHIGETO – Lost Tracks

Le producteur de Detroit Shigeto vient de poster sur sa page soundcloud deux morceaux inédits, qu’il avait perdu il y a un an. C’est morceaux sont « What U Really Needed » et « R Life » tout deux avec des featuring de Brandon Mitchell & Carlos Garcia. En plus du plaisir d’écoute, Shigeto les partage gratuitement, en les laissant en téléchargements libres. Enjoy!

« Just about a year ago my computer was stolen at a show in NY. I lost an albums worth of material and learned about backing up the hard way but was able to recover two tracks. These are those two tracks:What U Really Wanted / R Life
Both tracks feature my dear friends Brandon Mitchell aka MC Kadence and Carlos Garcia aka L05. Their vocals really make the tracks for me however, I felt they didn’t sit right for my next album and stood alone. I wanted you to have them and they’ve been on my laptop for way too long. Download them (for free) do whatever you do to relax, sit back, turn up and enjoy. Much <3 and respect. Shi.

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